I offer Yoga,Fitness & Wellbeing Coaching

Hi, I am Natasha J. Wood and I am here to change your world within a matter of weeks. That’s right. I believe it’s my purpose in life to help change others’ lives.

I will help you laser-focus on your health and well-being that will nurture your social life as well as your professional one and make you feel better and healthier than ever.

I have proven to hundreds of my clients that focusing on your career or doing your best to be in that perfect bikini shape that you see in fitness magazines, doesn’t really work.

What really works is the synchronisation of body, mind and soul that generates a perfect balance and harmony within; so you can finally achieve your long-forgotten dreams.

I know it’s a lot to chew on right now but this is why I am here.

I am here to make everything a piece of cake for you. Abracadabra!


People ask me a lot of times, “What makes my program better?” And they are right to question me this because there are other coaches out there who are doing what I am doing. However, there is something missing in them that I have… which is:


I faced a past that you all are facing right now. I was always criticising myself to how “ugly” I look and what a “lowlife” I am in front of others and even myself.

There was a time when I never really enjoyed seeing myself in the mirror. This was because I suffered from terrible anxiety and poor body image which resulted in low self esteem.

But then, I reprogrammed my mind to focus on my health and well-being. To never judge myself unless and until I have accomplished all the goals I had on my waiting list.

And that kind of mindset is what has made me what I am today.

Now, I am not just optimally healthy from inside and outside; I am also an actress,trained dancer an expert yogi, and a professional sports model… all of which are professions every woman out there has dreamt of having ‒ including YOU. I know I am right, right?

So get in touch with me! Let the mix of my expertise and personal experience change you into a better and healthier you so you never have to go back to being “normal” you.


Questions I get asked alot!

  • How do you stay in shape?

    I keep a balanced approach to keeping in shape, I exercise my body as well as my mind, that involves working out with exercise I enjoy, at the moment that’s yoga, barre, pilates, cycle and dance, i aim for 3 classes a week. I also have a daily self love routine that involves meditation, reading and listening to uplifting content, I try to walk in nature when ever I can! I don’t limit my food but I also don’t go over the top, I aim for as much fresh and natural food as possible, but that’s because I enjoy it! I never say no to the odd bag of salt and vinegar crisps, lets keep this real!!!

  • What are your favourite books?

    Ask and It is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks.
    The Untethered Soul, Michael A. Singer
    The Tools, Barry Michels and Phil Stutz
    The Success Principles, Jack Canfield
    Start With Why, Simon Sinek

  • Who did you do your qualifications with?

    Personal Training level 3 qualification with Premier Global.
    NLP Practitioner Course Richard Bandler and John La Valle
    Barre qualification with Barre Zen.
    200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Erin Prichard

I offer Yoga,Fitness & Wellbeing Coaching

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7th February 2017

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